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The NOLF modernization patch fixes performance issues, and attempts to adapt the original classic for larger resolutions.

Key Changes

  • Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
  • HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
  • Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
  • Optional framerate cap to 60fps
  • Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
  • New Jukebox menu in Options

Patch 1

  •  Fixed a bug with defusing bombs and activating some switches

Patch 2

  • Added `NoRawInput` to disable mouse raw input
  • Fixed missing continue button on mission summary screen
  • Improved loading screen time (...that I broke, oops!)
  • Fixed some invisible impassible geometry.
  • Added a experimental developer console, can be toggled on/off with tilde. (`~`)
  • Fixed a crash in the weapons hotkey screen.

I've added a speed runner test edition, if you don't know who that's for, just download the Nolf Modernizer 1.005 with Patch version instead :)

CategoryGame mod
Tagsnolf, patch

Install instructions

Place all the files in your No One Lives Forever game directory. Then launch NOLF.exe, and click "Advanced", and then "Customize". Simply "Add" the Modernizer.rez file, and check "Always load these rez files", then click "Ok", and launch the game!

It's important that you don't run this mod with any other mods that may have modified the game code. (Re-releases should be fine.) 


Nolf Modernizer 1.005 with Patch 2.7z 5 MB
SpeedRunner Test Edition 5 MB


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HeyJanke - thanks for the work on this.

Should one update the game installation with the available official patches BEFORE applying your modernization patch or is it to be installed only on the base game?

First of all, big thanks for the patch and all your work and effort; really appreciate it. I sure hope you find the time and energy to do one for NOLF2 even though it actually doesn't really need a community patch... well at least not as much as NOLF1 did.

Question - is it ok to simply overwrite the modenizer patch1 version with version Patch2 or do you recommend a fresh new install? (version conflict/incompatible files?)


2 is in development, nolf 1 just has more bugs to fix up first hah.

And overwriting the patch should work fine! Good luck and have fun!

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Maybe a unique situation.  But if you're duplicating your 1080p monitor and a 4k TV.  You get some odd results, the game is zoomed on both the tv and monitor.

To fix this:
Open the properties menu on the shortcut -> Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> check High DPI scaling override and select Application.

I also checked Use this setting to fix scaling... and select when "I open this program."  but this one seems unnecessary. 

Edit: Also, thanks for the Patch!

Yeah, unfortunately there's only so much I can fix. I believe this should be in the readme, but if not I'll add it in! The other way to fix it, is to disable DPI scaling.


Thanks for the reply!  I overlooked the readme, that would have saved me a bunch of time.  
Another issue (I don't know if it was caused by the patch) when switching weapons with the numbers it always goes to the fire bullets version.  Just mentioning it just in case.

Once again, well done!  I wish I was half as smart as you.

Yeaa that's the default behaviour of the game. It's annoying and a bit tricky to modify. It technically defaults to the "best" available ammo. I might look into adjusting it though. 

And no worries, hope you enjoyed the game! 

I guess it's a good way to make me use the "good" ammo.  Otherwise, I'll save the good ammo until I really need it and I'll never use it.

Any more patches in the future?

Yep! It'll come in due time. 

This is pretty good. I hope you'll do the same for NOLF2 someday.

That's the plan...eventually!

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Finished my Modernizer playthrough, what a pleasant experience! Just one more glitch - the music trigger is bit messy, while It's calm, it plays battle theme, while I'm in battle, it plays normal theme, and usually the music respond to my action - upseting bystanders, despatch enemies..etc, now it's just nothing XD, I can't even tell if I alerted the enemy or not.

Yea I've noticed that too! Might just be the game. 🤔

Glad you enjoyed it!

Greetings, I´m having problems with 1080p resolution, it keep the frames locked at 30 FPS, while every other resolution keeps it at 60 FPS

Oh odd. It must be selecting the wrong resolution in the list. (Each refresh rate is technically a different resolution. The game grabs the first resolution listed regardless of the refresh rate. Usually this is 60hz or 59.9hz, your system must be reporting 30hz first!)

I'll look into this further, it may take a few days though!

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I've looked into this more, and it doesn't seem like it's something I can fix. Apologies! There are some parts of it locked behind the engine.

What you might be able to do is create a custom resolution. You could make it 1920x1079 for example. Just make sure the refresh rate is set to 60hz and it might work! Then simply select that resolution in-game or in the launcher. (You don't have to set your desktop resolution to it!)

Here's some guides that might help!



Hey, find some issues. Every time I try to remap the weapon hotkey, the game crashed, and I can't change between Normal menu and GOTY menu.

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Sorry that's happening!

What version of the game are you running? Regular or goty? And what operating system are you running?


Edit: I've managed to identify and fix it just in time for patch 2 roll out. Thanks for the report!

Thank you! You really solved some of the pesky problem of NOLF! And one more thing, I've tried NOLF on different framerate, it seems the game can support maximum 100 fps without dialogue cutoff or running too fast, I have an laptop with 120hz refresh rate & G-sync, and I creat an custom 100hz refresh rate config, everything is normal and smooooth, So I suggest you can do an option for 100fps limit too. 60fps is playable but definitely not enjoyable.

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Some further issues - Some Enemies don't spawn in certain places, music cuts off  too, some NPC dialogues disappear, for example the first scene of Morocco mission, the couple talk about been in a foreign country..etc, it's silent, and they are suppose to walk away after convo, and didn't happened, maybe some triggers been messed up?  and the two sniper won't show up.  

For ur first question: I'm running the NOLF revival version from 


And my OS is Win10


Well once again make sure it's running at 60. There's some specific timing that only works with that value.

Triggers and disappearing enemies are a known issue that I'm trying to track down. If you have a specific save file where they disappear consistently in, feel free to upload it! Would help a bunch.


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Yep, here it is: https://mega.nz/#!RhAWRCwB!fSZs9SedSiQ738SydxIFWgqK2CouyOxnOVCvZDuK4Bs

That link doesn't seem to work for me 🤔

enemy's disappear when they shoot you from cover. Can you please fix this? thanks.  

Hey there, there's currently a patch in the works that will hopefully address this issue. (It's very tricky to track down.)

thank you

Hi  - thanks for this!!! The zipped file downloaded as opening with internet explorer. When I use WinZip to try to unzip I can see the modernizer rez file but I get access denied dialogue box when I try to unzip.  When I go to Launch and customise the file isn't there to add. Sure its me but can you help please?

Hey there, you have to unpack all the files into your game directory (not just the rez file). I also recommend using 7zip to unpack the files.

If you're getting permission denied you might be trying this on a public computer in which case you might be out of luck! Sorry.

Hope this helps!

Hi  - it works!! Thank you. I now have the Modernizer Rez file in the Custom folder. However as you say the issue is that it does not like other patches. I have the dgvoodoo2 downloads to prevent the black screen when underwater issue, but if I have them in the game folder the game does not launch. If I remove them I cannot see underwater.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a fix?

Dgvoodoo should work with my patch it just might cause low fps with flashlights. 

Have you made sure all the DLLs files included with my patch are also in the game directory? And are you trying to run it at a resolution higher than 1920x1080? 

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This seems cool, I really want to play this on a modern system without the really annoying mouse input lag, but it doesn't work with the NOLFRevival version, it tells me that SDL2.dll and cshell.dll are missing.

Is there a fix for this?

Hey there, did you extract the entire 7z file into your NOLF directory? That error is caused by SDL2.dll not being in the right spot! (It's included in the download.)


Oh hey, it worked. I can play NOLF with a not crappy mouse input!

You, sir, are a fucking miracle worker.


Thank you so much for this! I tried literally everything you can think of to solve the erratic mouse movement and the 2D elements' scaling issues, and you solved them finally!

Thanks so much for your hard work, its much appreciated. One issue though, when I have cutscenes playing there's a big black band across the top of the screen, the main game is fine. Any way round this?

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? And what resolution are you running at?

The game uses an anamorphic aspect ratio for cutscenes (so there's black bars on the top and bottom.)

Here we go, the recticle is off centre as well when the game begins proper. I think this resolution is 2560x1600 but it seems to happen  at all resolutions and  other resolutions displace the menu screen or position of the view of the  character for some reason.

Here's a link to the image, it won't let me upload it I'm afraid.


Ahhh. Is Windows display scaling set at something other than 100%? If so, set it to 100% and try the game again.

I couldn't find a solution to this before release, but I'll keep an eye out over the next little while to see if I can solve this without you having to adjust your display scaling.


That's got it, you absolute diamond. To be fair I'm surprised that it works at all iin 4k. I'm over the moon, reliving some great memories.

Thanks again for the patch, you're an absolute star and a shining example of what makes PC Gaming so great!

Is there a chance to release the same patch for NOLF 2?


It's in the works, but there's a lot of issues with the source code, so it might take a while.


Heads up, I've released a patch to fix a bug with defusing bombs in a certain mission.

This bug was avoidable if you saved and loaded previously in the level, but I'd advised anyone to just upgrade to the newest version!


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Great work! Now I have to find my old NOLF GOTY disks (as If I'm correct this won't work with the version supplied by nolfrevival).

PS: Does this works with non-english editions (in my case Spanish)?


It should work with any version, as long as there's not a mod applied. I've modified the code from official SDK released waaay back. (And if there is, it'll just override that mod.)

I'm not sure if it works with any non-english versions, as the only language that comes with the SDK is english. Give it a try! If not maybe nolfrevival can do the job!


The world need more people like you. bravo!




Very nice work! Thanks for your effort