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*This patch requires a full legitimate copy of the game.*

Changelog - 1.04 Beta 2

July 28th, 2018

Unofficial Widescreen patch for Warlords Battlecry 3.

This is the second update to my Warlords Battlecry III widescreen patch. After a bit of a break, I've hopped back in and fixed and enhanced quite a few things.

Hope you'll enjoy the added enhancements and bug fixes!

Patch page can be found here: https://heythere.coffee/wbc3/


Important Notice

This was developed from the last official patch. As such no features/changes of the unoffical patches are included. You should apply this patch on top of a fresh GOG or Steam install!

Also due to some rendering changes this may not work on older previously supported systems. This has only been tested with Windows 10.

Third party/Open source licenses can be found in osslicenses.txt under the installation folder.

New Features / Changes

  • Enhancements to the game's rendering code.
  • You can now use things like Steam overlay with the game.
  • A framerate limiter has been added. This can be adjusted to any number in Options.json.
  • Improved rendering pacing. Less stutterin', more slaughterin'!
  • Enhancements to windowed mode.
  • The game now uses JSON files for settings instead of registry. (These files are located under Documents/Warlords Battlecry III/Settings.)
  • Added new launch parameter EDITOR. (Allows you to directly launch your game to the editor.)
  • Added "Test Scenario" functionality. Allows you to test maps more quickly and directly from the editor!
  • Added a neat border to menus.
  • The editor now has a filler image between its control panel.
  • Small adjustments to multiplayer selection screen.
  • Added more animal variety to the Mutate spell.
  • Adjusted time for Retinue popup to appear.
  • Included the lost Battle Report maps. (Eldritch Tower, Gold of Khax Barak, The Dark Path, and the Jawbone of Sartek.)
  • Added an option to disable/enable edge scrolling.

Bug Fixes (Bugs From 1.04 Widescreen)

  • Fixed editor grid incorrectly displaying.
  • Fixed video playback, including subtitles.
  • Fixed various random black screens on menus.
  • Fixed campaign's world map.
  • Fixed various tooltips.
  • Fixed various edge scrolling bugs.

Bug Fixes (Bugs From 1.03 Official)

  • Fixed editor becoming incredibly slow if you resigned from a match earlier.
  • Fixed environmental sounds not playing at the start of a match.
  • Fixed advanced option restrictions not actually restricting production (e.g. No Dragons mode not actually restricting dragon production.)
  • Fixed a crash relating to StratMap (Minimap) at the end of a game.
  • Fixed extra large grasslands random map's lower half being very empty.
  • Fixed the hero ability Reave. It now has the intended effect of extra damage against large targets.
  • Fixed Daemon heroes being associated as Good. They are now Evil.
  • Fixed Barbarian heroes being associated as Good. They are now Neutral.
  • Fixed Arcane Rune not affecting the Spider Priestess.

Known Issues

  • Fullscreen mode is actually just borderless windowed mode.
  • You must save before you "Test Scenario" in Editor.
  • The "Test Scenario" feature uses the current map settings and passive AI. Please adjust these to your liking and save before you test it out.
  • Rain speed is tied to framerate.
  • Slow performance can occur on higher resolutions.
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsenhancement, patch, widescreen
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Steam, GOG


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